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About Us

Opus Verticals’ seafood operations began in 2011 with the buying and selling of commodity seafood, by the container, within Asia.  Soon, we began importing oilfish and swordfish belly sashimi for distribution to chain restaurants in Singapore.

Thus began our journey as a boutique seafood and specialist foods purveyor for the F&B scene in Singapore.

Today, whilst we have discontinued the distribution of oilfish, we have grown into one of the major importers for Frozen and Superfrozen (Ultra Low Temperature) Swordfish Belly in Singapore.  In addition, we have increased our repertoire of sashimi and gourmet products including, notably, for fresh airflown uni (sea urchin).

Our other products include Japanese Wild Scallops, the award-winning Polanco Caviar, Japanese Ikura, Roasted Eel, Softshell Crab and more.

Our Value Proposition

Opus Verticals is a boutique sashimi and fine foods distributor. Our primary wholesale activities are in the Singapore market. However, we do engage in international trade deals as well.

We search out producers that offer products with superior quality but without premium price tags. Although these are few and far in between, they do exist and we make it our job to find them.

Offering you items with great quality at competitive prices, will help you present your best to your dining guests.

And we hope that will be what makes our products, and thus our company, valuable to you.

We do not have a wide range of inventory.

However, all the fine food we bring in are carefully selected to meet these requirements.

You will find that our products demonstrate what we talk about above.

Please learn more about them at Our Products.