Softshell crab from Myanmar is considered the best quality softshell crabs available in Asia and probably the world.

While many softshell crabs produced in Asia are reared in ‘condominiums’ – little tanks that house one crab each (as they fight) and have their legs plucked off in order to induce them to molt (so that their shells become soft), those in Myanmar are usually reared in all natural conditions.

These are usually in large ponds found near the sea. The crabs are allowed to molt naturally (9 to 12 weeks) instead of by limb-plucking (2-3 weeks) and these give the crabs full meat. Otherwise the meat will just be very thin within the shell.

These crabs are fed natural food like small fish and prawns and other water creatures found naturally in the ponds instead of artificial food pellets. This gives the crabs their flavourful taste profile.